Saturday, January 5, 2008

I miss you AARON....4/12/1972 - 11/30/2007

The sudden death of my brother on November 30th has brought so much sadness to me. I miss him, I miss those surprise visits, I miss the barbeques, I miss his laugh so much, I miss him picking on me, I miss his love for my kids, I miss his love for living it up, I miss his laugh, I miss my brother. Snaps are the most priceless pics, something I forgot for too long. I regret not having any snaps from my brother's visits this past year. My brother was so great at keeping in touch with all his friends and family, he really did make that extra effort that I forget to do. My brother was an awesome uncle, an entrepreneur, ambitious, hard working, a contractor, always building or fixing something.....working on some project, a deep sea underwater welder, a deep sea fisherman, a scuba diver, a lover of the ocean, generous, loved to party, loved to barbeque, loved legos and nerf guns, he had a contagious laugh, an awesome uncle whom spoiled the kids, and a brother always lovin' to "push my buttons", proud of me being a good MAMA and proud of my photography, just a good person. I was so proud of my brother's dedication and ambition, the businesses he started and did well at, just sorry I never told him how impressed I was. I miss you Aaron, I will always miss you, it just won't ever be the same.

Love, Your Sister - Gina

I love you Michael!

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